​Now more than ever, Fide.

As all of you know by now, since last March 11th in Fide we took the decision to temporarily suspend the holding of face-to-face sessions to avoid any kind of transmission of Covid19.
Even before the declaration of the state of alarm we took this decision in consideration of the situation we were experiencing.
Since that date, events have undoubtedly been rushed and have shown the correctness of that decision, but at the same time, they have also displayed the need to temporarily refocus our activities in terms of content, format and objectives.
Therefore, although many of you are regularly receiving information on how many activities we are carrying out or programming, we want to inform all the people, companies and institutions that usually follow us with interest, of the main activities that Fide is currently developing. 
First of all, since last March 16th we have started the publication of “Reflections from civil society” ("Reflexiones desde la sociedad civil" in Spanish). Currently, three issues have been published. You can read them here (in Spanish).
This document gathers very valuable and interesting contributions. I invite you to participate in it by writing in English. We feel especially proud of the quantity and quality of the participants in each issue, but especially of all those who have sent us their congratulations for the opportunity and interest of the initiative, which is having an amazing diffusion.
Secondly, we have resumed our usual sessions, sometimes modifying their content and objectives, given the priority we are currently experiencing and the emergence of some particularly relevant and current issues that have been placed on the tables of all professionals and that require, more than ever, a joint and serene reflection of the questions, doubts or reflections they raise. We have exclusively modified their format; they will be held online and compatible with the current widespread situation of teleworking from home. We will be announcing those sessions in English on the English section of our website.
You are all invited to contribute as you have always done. We look forward to your suggestions.
Thirdly, we have taken the same decision for all our working groups. We will continue to hold the meetings, work and conclusions with the modifications that are necessary in each case in terms of content and priorities, and of course maintaining the meetings in online format, while this is necessary.
Fourthly, we have set up several working groups, which are small and have a clear objective initially: to contribute with a serene and effective reflection to the urgent situation we are experiencing. If there is something that characterizes Fide, it is the talent and the great capacity of its members to build in a moment of crisis, to reinforce with their experience, knowledge and depth of analysis the activity that today corresponds to public authorities. In this time of urgency, contributions from civil society are needed more than ever.
Together with the challenge and the health emergency, many questions appear every day that demand our reflection and in which we can offer effective solutions.
The economic analysis of the reality we are facing is no less important, and we must act urgently and swiftly so that this dimension is considered.
We are convinced that at this time we are building the future and we all can participate in its design.
We invite you to make as many suggestions, proposals and contributions as you consider appropriate. We want to continue being the qualified voice in Spain and Europe that we have been for more than 12 years. 
Cristina Jiménez Savurido
President of Fide
Madrid, March 25th, 2020