About Fide

Fide is a legal-economic think tank where leading experts in the fields of law, economics and business meet every day to discuss and debate on today's more significant legal, economic, social, scientific and technological topics.


What is Fide’s purpose?

Fide is a legal-economic think tank based in Madrid, where professionals from the top management of many substantial companies, partners from national and international law firms, university experts and researchers, judges and attorneys from the public courts of justice, public administration leaders, economists and scientists, meet every day to discuss and debate on today's more significant legal, economic, social, scientific and technological topics.  Its members collectively and objectively analyse difficult and challenging areas of law and economics. Some of its papers and recommendations are published. Individual contributions from members of  FIDE’s Academic Council and from other prominent experts are also published.

Fide’s international focus

FIDE also has a substantial international focus, attracting speakers from a number of other countries. FIDE's intention is to contribute with its reflections to key policy initiatives in the international and EU spheres.

Fide´s Business Advisory Council

The Business Advisory Council counts among its members the leading international law firms based in Spain, with many of the most substantial Spanish multinational companies and the leading financial and IT companies. 

How does Fide operate?

Every year,  Fide organizes more than 300 debate and discussion sessions on top legal, economic and scientific issues. Our activities, debates, and workgroups tackle the most relevant current and future topics,  with the aim of offering legislative proposals or appropriate legal or policy reforms. FIDE’s papers are built on the multi-disciplinary expertise of its members, who are leaders in academic and professional thinking. Its published papers inform and influence policymaking.

Supporting practitioners

FIDE’s work also supports practitioners, developing new insights and fresh thinking. Fide is the catalyst for the best ideas and contributes to the debate and discussion in the following areas of reflection: laws in force, legal interpretation and application, amendments, revisions, business, and economy issues and science and technological advances. Fide serves as the common ground where these issues can be discussed so that coherent, strong, and practical solutions can be formulated and examined through calm reflection and analysis. Fide also pursues the goal of consolidating a permanent communication nexus between these areas to establish a fluid channel to share knowledge and information for decision making and to generate solutions for current challenges. 

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