“Brexit”: Legal effects and repercussions for Spanish companies

Yesterday, May 8th, the session “Brexit”: Legal effects and repercussions for Spanish companies was held in Fide. Fide had the pleasure to have as speakers Christopher Muttukumaru, Senior barrister at Monckton Chambers in London, Manuel Conthe, Independent Arbitrator, Member of Fide´s Academic Council, Miguel Sampol, State Attorney, European Union Tribunal of Justice moderated by Rafael Domínguez Olivera, State Attorney and Member of Fide´s Academic Council.

In the session held in Fide yesterday, May 8th about the legal effects and repercussions of Brexit in Spanish companies we counted on the participation of Christopher Muttukumaru, Manuel Conthe, Miguel Sampol y Rafael Olivera. Christopher Muttukumaru is a Senior barrister of Monckton Chambers in Gray's Inn in London. During the session, he made a summary of the UK’s strategic approach to the negotiations with the EU (a global Britain); assuming that EU/UK agreement is reached, how many agreements will be needed; general practical points to note; the UK constitutional and parliamentary implications for any EU/UK agreement(s); the UK General Election and its impact. Following, he touched upon the question: The Great Repeal Bill or the Great Fossilisation bill? in legal terms, what is likely to have happened by Brexit day? Converting the EU acquis into national law to ensure legal stability; general practical points for Spanish practitioners. Finally, he answered the following question: Will this all end in tears? Muttukumaru presented some illustrative aspects of post-brexit regulation within the aviation sector. The way that regulation works in the aviation sector; mutual recognition (or not) in a post Brexit world; are the stakes so high for both sides that agreement will be reached? 


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Miércoles, 13 de Enero 2021 - 09:42 El futuro de los servicios legales

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