Club of accredited mediators CEDR in Spain

Club of accredited mediators CEDR in Spain


The accredited club CEDR / FIDE is a place for meeting, debate, training, and empowerment of professionals in the area of commercial mediation.
Integrated by those who have been accredited in Spain with the training, methodology, and principles of the Center for Effective Dispute Resolution-CEDR, the Club pursues the following purposes:
  • Make known the accredited CEDR in Spain, as "neutrals" of quality.
  • Publicize, inform and sensitize to enhance the ADR, especially in the environment of legal advice of the company, and not only in law firms.
  • Generate a Think Tank conceived as a forum for debate and exchange of experiences, mentoring by senior mediators, shadowing, etc ... a CEDR Exchange in Spain.
  • Open the scope: not only mediation but ADR as management mechanisms of agreements facilitated by "neutrals" CEDR.
  • Quarterly meetings of the Club.
  • Promote continuous training for accredited
  • Develop sessions on the methods of managing agreements counting on Spanish and foreign "neutrals" (CEDR and others) as speakers.
  • Implement a "standardized CEDR style" that will govern their actions, both in the promotion of this meditation tool and in the practice of the same that its members perform.


The professionals who have obtained the title of mediator by CEDR in Spain.


Exclusive for the Club

Open (subject to registration conditions).


This section will gather articles in Spanish and English.
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