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Fide is a legal-economic think tank where leading experts in the fields of law, economics and business meet every day to discuss and debate on today's more significant legal, economic, social,...

​Now more than ever, Fide.

As all of you know by now, since last March 11th in Fide we took the decision to temporarily suspend the holding of face-to-face sessions to avoid any kind of transmission of Covid19.   Even...

Fide in the International Context

In this section we've created a visual overview of the institutions that have participated with us in the creation or development of any program, session or course, as well as the topics that we...


Here you may find all of the activities that we have organised in English; future and past.


This section gathers all publications the Foundation has made in English. Such as:   Annual Reports & Executive Summaries (of the sessions carried out in English) Articles We update...

The Team

Meet the team behind Fide

Six weeks to go : a EU/UK Brexit deal and subsequent steps towards ratification and implementation into national law

If an EU/UK agreement is soon concluded at a political level, that could be a prelude to an equally turbulent period in December. Christopher Muttukumaru writes that, if an EU/UK partnership...
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Annual Reports and Executive Summaries

  Fide´s  Institutional Presentation 2017-2018 Fide's Dossier Activity Academic Year 2016-2017 Fide´s Dossier Activity Report 2015-2016 Fide and Fundación Garrigues Science and Law...

Fide's Sessions

Fide organizes Forums and Sessions where economic, judicial and business related topics from the ample variety of sectors in the world are examined. These current topics...
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Governing Board

The Board is responsible for FIDE’s general management. Its primary roles are to ensure that foundation’s goals are pursued and accomplished, to define the most suitable strategy for the fulfillment of such goals, all in compliance with FIDE’s economic and managerial necessities.
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