FIDE launches a new workspace dedicated to robots and drones.

The global turnover of the robotics industry reached US$32.000 million in 2015, including software, peripherals and systems engineering and directly employs 150,000 people. Europe houses 33% of all robots in the world, and in Gunther H.Oettinger’s opinion, European Commissioner of the economic and digital society, robotics will play a key role in the digitization of the industry of our continent.

Robots are increasingly present in our lives. Drones and children's robots have been one of the more sought out gifts last Christmas, Google’s autonomous car is already circulating normally in certain areas of the United States, and almost every day we see news regarding advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning. In addition, a recent study by the European Commission confirms that one in seven Europeans live or work with robots, and that 72% of respondents believe that these machines are good for society because they help people. An example is PARO, which has clinically shown that robots can improve the lives of patients with psychological disorders.

Legal issues regarding the use of drones in open spaces are currently being considered, and as time goes on other legal issues related to the world of robotics will emerge progressively in a broader sense.
FIDE, aware of the growing impact of these topics, initiates a new workspace, which aims to be a meeting place where serious and rigorous discussions on the issues raised by these new technologies can take place.

In addition to sessions and periodic events, FIDE will organize an annual conference under the name "robotiuris", where leading national and international experts will participate and address any progress up to date, and will examine the issues regarding drones, autonomous cars, smart robots, cyborgs, artificial intelligence, etc. from both scientific and technical, and legal, ethical and economic points of view.
Robotiuris academic direction will fall under Alejandro Sánchez del Campo Redonet’s control, a lawyer with over twenty years of experience in the technology sector, editor at and member of FIDE’s Academic Council. The first edition of the congress will be held in late November (tentative date).


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