Fide in the International Context

In this section we've created a visual overview of the institutions that have participated with us in the creation or development of any program, session or course, as well as the topics that we have/are investigating on an international level.

At the international level, FIDE establishes close ties of specific collaboration with institutions of recognized prestige, through which synergies are created that contribute to the achievement of common objectives of excellence and rigorous analysis of the business, professional and academic reality. In our sessions, we count with international experts on different matters with the aim to integrate within Fide professionals with a global and international perspective of today's economic, legal and business realities, in an increasingly globalized world, with challenges, problems, concerns and common solutions.

With our growing commitment to grow internationally, we have created a series of debate sessions, courses and workshops with the participation of professionals from different countries, to give a broader perspective to the dicussion of the following topics:
  • Intellectual property, patents and copyrights.
  • Energy (renewable, infrastructure investments)
  • Financial markets, securities markets, banking supervision
  • E-communications, data protection, security, cybersecurity and privacy. Digital single market
  • Restructurings and insolvencies
  • Investments and internationalization of the Spanish company (Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Cuba, Colombia, Morocco, Germany, China)
  • Labour
  • Fiscal
  • Competition
  • Investment Arbitration and International Arbitration
  • Brexit
  • Judicial power in the USA
  • Mediation
Furthermore, you will find a couple of maps, one of Europe and one of the world, which show the work places of speakers that have come to us from the international arena.


Professionals (Outside the EU)

Many of these professionals come from the international offices of members of our Business Advisory Council and Collaborating Entities.

Professionals from the EU

Many of these professionals come from the European offices of members of our Business Advisory Council and Collaborating Entities.