Fide publishes the conclusions in English of the Work Group: Constitutional Reform


Back in March 12th, Fide presented the original conclusions in Spanish. Now, we publish the translated document in English.
You may find it attached to this article, or on the following link: 
The analysis of this working group has focused on issues related to a consensual reform of the Constitution in matters of territorial organization of the State. The subjects that were the subject of an exhaustive analysis are:
  • The system of distribution of competences
  • Institutional structure of the Autonomous Communities
  • Financing the Autonomous Communities
  • Symmetric or asymmetric model in the Autonomous Communities?
  • An analysis of the current situation in Catalonia
  • The Senate and instruments of cooperation and collaboration
The working group was coordinated by Mariano Bacigalupo, Titular Professor of the University, Administrative Law Department of the UNED and Juan Martínez Calvo, Lawyer, Partner, Deloitte Legal. In the elaboration of the document we highlight the magnificent contribution of Ignacio Borrajo Iniesta, Professor of Law University (Public University of Navarra, se), who collected all the contributions of the members of the group to shape the document of conclusions in which they participated more than 20 professionals * in the legal field, in the business world, in professional offices, academia and public administration. All the people that have participated in this working group of Fide, have done so in a personal capacity and not in representation of the entities or institutions where they carry out their professional work. As such, these conclusions do not reflect and do not gather institutional positions, rather the particular of each of the members of the group *.


The following professionals have participated in the collective reflexion and debate:

Juan Luis Aragonés, Lawyer of Sacyr; Gaspar Ariño Ortiz, Professor of Administrative Law. President of Ariño y Villar, Abogados; Mariano Bacigalupo Saggese, Full Professor of the University, Administrative Law Department of the UNED; Ignacio Borrajo Iniesta, University Professor of Law (Public University of Navarra, e.s.); Ismael Clemente Orrego, Economist; Tomás de la Quadra Salcedo Fernández del Castillo, Emeritus Professor of Administrative Law, Carlos III University; Julio Fuentes Gómez, State Civil Administrator; Santiago Hurtado Iglesias, State Attorney on leave of absence. Partner, Deloitte Legal; Maximino Linares Gil, State Attorney on leave of absence; Luis Fabián Márquez Sánchez, President, Analysts of Industrial Relations S.A. (Arinsa) and Lawyer; Juan Martínez Calvo, Lawyer, Partner, Deloitte Legal; David Mellado Ramírez, Partner of PWC. State Attorney. Formerly Technical General Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration; José Luis Piñar Mañas, Professor of Administrative Law of the Universities of Castilla-La Mancha (surplus) and CEU San Pablo. Lawyer; José Antonio Rodriguez Álvarez, State Attorney. Partner of the Procedural Law Department of Ashurst; Luis Rodríguez Ramos, Professor of Criminal Law and Lawyer; Salvador Ruiz Gallud, Managing Partner, Economic Team; Ángel Sánchez Navarro, Professor of Constitutional Law at the Complutense University; Manuel Silva Sánchez, Consultant Partner of Roca Junyent, State Attorney; Santiago Soldevila Fragoso, Former lawyer of the Constitutional Court; Javier Tajadura Tejada, Professor of Constitutional Law, University of the Basque Country; Joaquín Tornos Más, Professor of Administrative Law. Lawyer, Tornos Abogados; Juan Velázquez Sáiz, Professor of Constitutional Law at the Instituto de Empresa; Elena Veleiro Couto, Counsel of Pérez-Llorca Abogados, State Attorney.

Academic Coordination of the Working Group: Victoria Dal Lago Demmi, Academic Coordination, Foundation for Research in Law and Business. FIDE