Fide's Working Groups

Fide is a collective project launched by the civil society to stand as a shared and reflexive network amongst professionals of the business and legal world.

One of Fide’s main objectives is to create ideas for the future, and to generate solutions for current challenges.

We have created a series of workgroups whose end goal is to reflect, in a continuous and profound manner, upon subjects that we have considered, whether because of their urgency, need for reform or room for improvement, to be worthy of such reflection by the group of professionals that make up Fide.

Some have already published their first impressions, have made specific legislative proposals, or have concluded an initial analysis of the situation. Others will do so throughout the year. It is clear beyond a doubt that each one of these groups offers a unique perspective into these subjects. The composition of these groups, made up by professionals with ample experience and deep knowledge in their areas, allows the groups to tackle those subject that have been selected for evaluation. In some occasions, it can be reflected in conclusions that are widely accepted, or in specific legislative proposals, and in other instances, it is the debate itself that reveals the complexity of the subjects, and the distance that lays between the positions taken by the members of the group, leaving the value of the work done to be collected in the summaries of the sessions. In any case, any professional involved in the development, evolution, application or improvement of regulations, especially economic regulation must be aware of these workgroups and contribute to their development, overall knowledge and diffusion. 

For more information on each group please visit our Working Groups section.

You can visit our Gallery of Photos of the sessions, congresses, conferences held in Fide during the last years. 

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