Iñigo Sagardoy de Simón

Presidente de Sagardoy Abogados. Profesor de Derecho del Trabajo en la Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Presidente del Foro Español de Laboralistas, Miembro del Comité Ejecutivo EELA y Vicepresidente de Ius Laboris. Licenciado en Derecho por ICADE. Miembro del Consejo Académico de FIDE.

Iñigo Sagardoy is the executive chairman of Sagardoy Abogados. The firm specialises in employment and labour matters and has approximately 50 attorneys. The firm has also offices in Barcelona, Seville, Canary Islands and Oviedo. Iñigo represents employers in all areas of labour, employment and discrimination law and single-plaintiff and class-action employment litigation. His practice also includes working with national and international clients to develop human resources policies and corporate compliance procedures and he regularly counsels clients on developing alternative methods of resolving employment disputes. He lectures nationally and internationally to employers and associations on a variety of topics including labour and employment law ramifications of restructuring and downsizing, mergers and acquisitions, operations of global businesses, and compliance with US laws and regulations, establishing global codes of conduct, and positive employee relations, employment diversity, employment discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Iñigo received his degree from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (ICADE) and a JD from the University of Alcalá de Henares. While at the IESE Business School, he graduated in its General Management Programme. He is a member of the National Jurisprudence Academy, EELA and IBA, and was nominated as one the top 40 young lawyers in Spain by Iberian Lawyer Magazine. He has been chairman of the Spanish Employment Lawyers' Association since 2006. He participated in a course on Leading Professional Service Firms in Harvard Business School (2002), and also followed the Program of Instruction for Lawyers in Harvard Law School (1998). His recent publications include: "The Welfare System in Spain. Pension schemes and funds", International Financial Law Review";"Review of the case law on employers' liability for accidents at work and occupational illnesses", Civitas "European legislation on employment matters", Revista AEDIPE; "Teleworking: Hope or reality?", Ministerio de Trabajo. "The procedure for geographical mobility and material amendment of employment conditions" Edit. CISS; "Employment and Welfare Year Book". Practical Employment Manual; "European Employment Mobility", Política Exterior; "Commentary on the Reform of the Employment Market", IBA Vol 11 No 2.  Member of the Academic Council of FIDE.

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