Last preparatory meeting before the 2019 Oxford Congress: AI, Big Data and the Digital Economy

Last preparations for the upcoming Congress were carried out yesterday at Fide. Registrations will remain open until next week.

Picture taken during the meeting at Fide.
Picture taken during the meeting at Fide.
Yesterday, September 4, took place at the Fide Foundation, the last preparatory meeting of the upcoming Oxford Congress 2019 on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data and its impact on the Digital Economy, organized by Fide. The Directors, Christopher Muttukumaru and Cristina Jiménez met with the panelists and coordinators to finalize the contents of the Congress.
The Congress will be held through plenary sessions, round tables and working groups, in order to reach conclusions that will be published and disseminated shortly.
There are already accredited more than 100 experts specialized in the different subjects that will be address in the Congress from the public and private spheres as well as from various places in Europe and Latin America.
The Congress will take place at Jesus College, Oxford from September 16 to 18. Registration will remain open until Thursday, September 12.
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