The Value of Joint Sessions – Dynamic and Engaging, by Eileen Carroll

Avoidance, and the outsourcing of issues to a range of experts, lawyers and judges are often at the heart of the conflict. The mediation process draws the client back in, giving them the potential to engage with the problem and recover control.

The reform of interest rate benchmarks: challenging financial stability, by María José Gómez Yubero

The data show the need and importance to step forward in the awareness of the industry and in its preparation to face the challenges of the transition. All stakeholders, both private and official sector, have their own responsibility in this challenge.

Climate Change and Energy Transition: Fide presents the Working Group's proposals for Spain's strategy on Global Warming

Madrid, January 24th, 2019. – The Fide Foundation has presented the proposals of the Working Group: Draft Climate Change and Energy Transition Law”. See end of page.

The revision of the public expenditure model in Spain: Fide presents the conclusions reached by our Working Group

Madrid, January 23, 2019.- The Fide Foundation presented this afternoon in Madrid, the Document of Conclusions reached by the Working Group "The revision of the public expenditure model in Spain".n España”.

What might Artificial Intelligence mean for Alternative Dispute Resolution?, by James South

Artificial Intelligence continues to gain traction in all areas of life including the legal profession and in particular in the field of dispute resolution. But, what is AI likely to do in a setting which has been so focussed on combining subtle concepts such as legal rights and a sense of fairness or human interaction and coaching (mediation)? Where do these developments leave us and what will their impact be?

Is a BREXIT possible where Gibraltar is viewed as an opportunity instead of a risk?, by Alejandro Sánchez

Can Spain take advantage of this period of negotiation in order to integrate the buoyant Gibraltarian economy, to a greater extent, into the neighbouring economy of Spain?

The Power of Mediation, by Tracey Fox

Conflict is a natural part of life and can be used positively to stimulate thoughts and ideas. But, if tensions, difficulties, frustrations are not addressed they can quickly spiral to create serious harm.

Ramón López de Mantaras, a member of Fide's Academic Council, receives the National Prize 'Julio Rey Pastor' of Mathematics and Information and Communication Technologies granted by the Ministry of Science, Innovation, and Universities

The National Research Awards, represent the most important recognition of Spain in the field of scientific research. Its objective is to distinguish the merit of those researchers of Spanish nationality who are doing outstanding work in scientific fields of international relevance and who contribute exceptionally to the advancement of science, to the better knowledge of the human beings and their coexistence, to the transfer of technology and the progress of humanity.

Ana Fernandez-Tresguerres, new Academic elected of the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation of Spain

The notary of Madrid and member of Fide's Academic Council, Ana Fernandez-Tresguerres, has formally entered the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation of Spain with the reading of her speech "European Private Law in digital transformation".

#BemoreTech Workshops by Fide and Spartanhack to push forward tech education amongst professionals

It is clear that business organizations, professional offices, and public administrations are immersed in a process of technological innovation to which the professionals who provide their services therein sometimes find it difficult to adapt.

Some brief reflections on Citizens Rights in the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, by Prof. Eleanor Spaventa

The Brexit Withdrawal Agreement has now been finalized and it is soon to be discussed by the UK Parliament. At present, it is impossible to say whether Ms. May will manage to steer the boat and get...

The UK Parliament and the Brexit maze, by Christopher Muttukumaru

Brexit has involved considerable legal uncertainty hitherto. The issues are exceptionally intricate. Scenario 1 might confer a measure of legal certainty but is regarded as a sub-optimal outcome by many parliamentarians.

Fide Presents the Club of accredited mediators CEDR in Spain

From Fide and from CEDR we want to bet firmly on a rigorous and exhaustive preparation model of the professionals who dedicate themselves to commercial mediation

The Brexit negotiations: Nirvana or “Nowhere Land”?, by Christopher Muttukumaru (Update 14/11/18)

Even if a transition period is agreed, the negotiations in the following 21 month period will involve massive challenges, will require imagination and flexibility of approach.

Collective action under the GDPR: A civil law perspective from Spain

Since Spain’s first Data Protection Law entered into force almost 25 years ago Spain has been, without exaggeration, the EU Member State with the most stringent system of data protection law enforcement in the EU.

The Salzburg EU summit: an update. Transition period or no deal? By Christopher Muttukumaru (25th September)

Both sides know that they are negotiating for the best possible outcome for their own nations. The stakes are high for both sides.

Annual event of the MFIA Certification: Strategies before the change of Monetary Policy

Fide participates with other entities in the MFIA Certification issued by the Bolsas y Mercados Españoles Institute. The MFIA Certification is the reference accreditation designed to achieve...

Javier Sánchez-Vera, member of Fide's Academic Council, accesses the Chair of Criminal Law of the Complutense University of Madrid.

Sus compañeros de FIDE quieren expresarle la más sincera felicitación y el deseo de seguir contando con su participación activa en nuestros foros.

Roadblocks on the Digital Transformation of Healthcare, by Ignacio Ayerdi

Most healthcare systems around the world are struggling to deal with ageing populations and chronic diseases, more expensive treatments, rising patient expectations and budgetary constraints....

Diversity at the boardroom, by Eduardo Muela

To effectively fulfil all its responsibilities, the independence of criteria, objectivity and an adequate and diverse composition of the Board, are a must.

The recovery of State Aid, time to rethink some concepts?, by Miguel Muñoz

As it is well known, State aids are, basically, measures attributable to a member State, in a very broad sense, that affect competition in the internal market by giving an unjustified advantage to certain market operators against their competitors.

Facing IFRS Challenges, by Snejina Malinova

...IFRS 17 brings a lot of changes and challenges for the insurance industry.

Is the Brexit endgame clearer in the light of the UK Brexit White Paper? Goods and services in a post transition EU/UK future?

This is part of an occasional series on the legal aspects of Brexit. It is not a comprehensive survey. This article should be associated with the two presentations at FIDE on 5 June. Links are provided to those presentations.

Brexit and Aviation; an illustrative example of a post-transition future, by Christopher Muttukumaru

Fide continues to work with Cristopher Muttukumaru in analysing the progress being made by the Brexit negotiations. This time, Christopher's aim is to use aviation as an illustrative case to show how the future might be shaped

The draft EU/UK Withdrawal Agreement under Article 50/TFEU

Fide continues to work with Cristopher Muttukumaru in analysing the progress being made by the Brexit negotiations. In this new draft, Christopher answers questions such as: In negotiating the draft...
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