In the UK the Covid-19 lockdown has accelerated the use of virtual court hearings, but will it bring permanent changes to the judicial process? -

Will there be virtual court hearings in the UK after the exceptional circumstances of lockdown and social distancing have been put behind us? The COVID-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented...

From West to East: Trade, IP and Investment after the Crisis -

Fide and TIPSA have come together to hold a series of #GlobalDigitalEncounters that aim to provide an overview of the growing role of intellectual property in the post-crisis landscape. Here are the...

Winter of the world: a reflection on the implications of COVID 19 in the United Kingdom -

Christopher Muttukumaru argues for an independent inquiry in the UK, using an inquisitorial process to learn lessons from the handling of the Covid 19 pandemic. [1]   The famous English War...

The role of IP in a new post crisis world: Challenges of the IP system -

Fide and TIPSA have come together to hold a series of #GlobalDigitalEncounters that aim to provide an overview of the growing role of intellectual property in the post-crisis landscape. The first...

Coronavirus in the UK: will there be an independent public inquiry into the UK Government’s handling of the Coronavirus epidemic? -

There are many precedents for the establishment of independent public inquiries impartially to investigate matters of the gravest public concern. This brief introduction describes the concept of an...

Obituary: Alberto de Elzaburu -

Doing honor to his creed but in unfair circumstances for all those who loved and admired him, this past Holy Friday, Alberto de Elzaburu, 92 years old, left us.   Just a few days before the...

Ceasefire in the US-China trade war -

Summary of the session that took place in FIDE the past 10th of March 2020. By Frank Samolis – Co-Chair of the International Trade Practice of Squire Patton Boggs Over the past years, we have...

Covid-19: the current Spanish tax legislation at a glance -

Over the past few days, the Spanish government has issued a number of regulations to manage the impact of the State of Emergency over current Spanish legal and tax proceedings. Over the past few...

Pandemic -

In the future we are going to have to "develop a consciousness of co-responsibility" that allows us to work side by side, otherwise, other even more lethal viruses are likely to return. The pain that...

This AI is mine: patent wars in Industry 4.0? -

All companies try to take advantage of the data, interconnect humans and machines, machines with each other and be able to offer more and better products and services.

Spain Has Approved the Digital Service Tax: The Controversy Is Served -

Article on the approval by the Spanish government of the tax on financial transactions (Google Tax) Patricia Lampreave, a member of Fide's Academic Council has published in the prestigious blog of...

Japan´s strategy on the Free Trade Agreement: Working as a connection between two major powers? -

The role of Japan, the fourth largest exporter and importer in the world may become crucial in a scenario of continuous trade wars. On January 31st, we had the pleasure of holding this session at...

Madrid Meeting of the Committee on International Law and Sea Level Rise, December 2019 -

The Committee, which was established by the ILA in 2012, has completed the first phase of its work, regarding priority areas in a relatively shorter-term perspective, and involving the law of the sea issues of maritime limits and boundaries, as well as the issues of migration and human rights.

The ethics of facial recognition technology and its regulation -

It has become clear that it is crucial to open a debate that analyzes the risks and opportunities of facial recognition and governments should take the lead in adopting laws to regulate this technology.

COP 25: Climate Law & Governance Specialisation Course, 8 December 2019: Addressing the Capacity Crevasse -

The course, held alongside the UNFCCC CoP 25, was coordinated by CLGI in collaboration with partners including FIDE, the Centre for International Sustainable Development Law (CISDL) and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM).

Why is the climate summit in Madrid so important? -

I often read that it is a "transition" summit, which does not correctly visualize the importance of COP25 for the future of our species and the planet.

The Digital Revolution - Unquantifiable benefits and undeniable risks : Oxford and beyond -

On 12th November, at a meeting of leading experts drawn from the membership of the FIDE Fundacion, Christopher Muttukumaru* underlined the significance of FIDE Fundacion’s aim of developing cross...

Conversation with Senén Barro on Artificial Intelligence - AI Trends & future -

Throughout the 2019 Fide Congress on AI, Big Data and the Digital Economy, a series of interviews of some of the speakers were conducted. In this case, Senen Barro speaks to Alvaro Lobato about the...

Conversation with Daniel Sarmiento about Brexit and the Irish Backstop -

Throughout the 2019 Fide Congress on AI, Big Data and the Digital Economy, a series of interviews of some of the speakers were conducted. In this case, Daniel Sarmiento speaks to Alvaro Lobato about Brexit and the Irish Backstop.

THE FIRST "100 DAYS" OF ALSPs by Javier Fernández-Samaniego and Manuel Esteban Caballero -

Alternative Legal Service Providers (ALSP) have jumped into the legal industry just the way Big Law North American law firms did 25 years ago being then an “alternative” to traditional law firms lead...

Good practices in disability management within professional firms Working Group meets again at Fide -

With the objective of advancing in the implementation of the proposals contained in the Good Practice Guidelines for the employment and professional development of disabled persons at law firms by...

Unity in diversity of discussion: A reflection By Cristina Jimenez and Christopher Muttukumaru -

This is a reflection based on the closing remarks that we made at the Oxford Congress. In reflecting on the outcome of the Congress, it is clear that there was unity in the emerging themes that were discussed, notwithstanding the diversity of subject matter. What do we mean?

The challenge of Artificial Intelligence, by Sir Nigel Shadbolt -

Sir Nigel Shadbolt, Principal of Jesus College, Oxford of the University of Oxford takes the stage to give a speech on the Challenges of Artificial Intelligence, and inaugurate the 2019 Oxford...

The European Court of Justice’s Development of Its Jurisprudence in Respect of Digital Advances and the Need for Regulation -

Intuitively, one would expect the Internet and free movement to constitute the perfect couple, where the former would enhance the well-being of the latter. However, other interests may also need to...

Brexit: will it be the final denouement on 31 October? The EU/UK negotiating context -

Brexit: “no deal” or Nirvana? At Fide’s recent International Congress at Jesus College, Oxford, Christopher Muttukumaru and Derrick Wyatt discussed whether it is likely that there will be a “no-deal” Brexit and what its immediate aftermath will be.

The UK’s Political Constitution and Brexit, by Sir Stephen Laws -

Sir Stephen Laws explains what it is about the UK constitution that has caused, or allowed, the UK political crisis that has arisen in the last years, Based on a presentation given at the International Congress at Jesus College, Oxford, on 16 September 2019,

Fide Foundation launches the Oxford Congress: "AI, Big Data and the Digital Economy: Challenges and Opportunities” -

An outstanding international congress, which will congregate in Oxford renowned jurists, scientists, economists and specialists from the financial markets, big companies, law firms, international...

Destination of technology investment flows from large investment funds and hedge funds: financial and socially responsible investment criteria -

Last June 10th, Fide organised a session at the London Business School Campus, to address the importance of socially responsible financial investment criteria, and it’s role in the development of technology.

The Brexit Policy paralysis: what next? with Christopher Muttukumaru -

At a workshop at FIDE Fundacion on 20 May, Christopher Muttukumaru* introduced the discussion on the Brexit policy and legal impasse. His purpose was to summarise the state of the EU/UK negotiations.

Susana del Río Villar A Europe that unites. Salzburg March 1st and 2nd, 2019. -

Susana del Rio Villar, Ph.D. in Political Science and Sociology; Extraordinary Doctorate Award in Social and Legal Sciences, Member of the Academic Council of Fide and Director of the projects Upgrading Europe and Erasmus + Campus EU, will be invested in the solemn ceremony of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts.
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