Obituary: Alberto de Elzaburu

Doing honor to his creed but in unfair circumstances for all those who loved and admired him, this past Holy Friday, Alberto de Elzaburu, 92 years old, left us.
Just a few days before the State of Alarm, Alberto was still attending the Board of partners of ELZABURU SLP, a professional firm to which he dedicated his life and which he led for fifty years. In January of this same year, when nothing foreshadowed the adversities that are gripping us today, Alberto presided over the legal gathering convened by the Foundation that bears his name to honor those who starred in the establishment of the European Union trademark system.
That was Alberto. A man always dedicated to the defense of industrial and intellectual property rights, the interests of his clients and the profession as a whole. A lawyer and Industrial Property Agent who put, before the placidity of a retired life in his cigarral in Toledo, his passionate vocation of service to society, participating until his last days in the vicissitudes of forensic life.
Descendant of a long generation of lawyers -ELZABURU SLP celebrated the 150th anniversary of its foundation a few years ago- Alberto always showed a decided inclination for the international conception of the discipline, for the modernization of our regulations, for the need to support innovation in all its manifestations or due to the role of the Spanish language in the European institutions.
Alberto was a pioneer in promoting Associations, such as the AIPPI, called to play a decisive role in the construction of modern trademark or patent law; it was also in the commitment to international protection instruments such as the European patent or the community trademark and design, and he always knew how to be at the forefront of the application of new technologies to professional activity.
On the occasion of the act in which the Great Cross of Isabel la Católica was imposed on him, in the presence of the then president of the Community of Madrid Esperanza Aguirre and the Nobel Prize winner Camilo José Cela, Alberto again stated that the two passions of his life it had been his wife, Lula, and the firm ELZABURU.
He was always proud of the latter, especially for the professionals who joined him in his professional and also vital journey, who received the witness long ago to continue what he called “his work”. Alberto knew how to stage this vision of the legal profession as a collective project, in this same headquarters, when he posed with a baton in his hand for the photo book published by FIDE.
To Lula, that luminous presence that supported Alberto in all his journeys and that has suffered in cruel conditions the loneliness of his illness, today we dedicate this tribute and recognition to his memory.
By Antonio Castán, Manuel Desantes and Javier Fernández-Lasquetty; members of  the firm ELZABURU and the Fide Academic Council