Fide will hold the Congress’ 2nd Edition which will take place on November the 16th, 2017.

The presence of robots within our society is increasingly significant. In December of 2016, the number of robots working at Amazon’s warehouses reached 45,000 units (there were only 1000 in 2013), a non-negligible number. According to the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), the market demand for professional robots in 2015 increased by 25% -over 41,000 units sold, in comparison to the 31,000 units sold in 2014). The IFR also highlights (estimates) that there are 531 robots per 10,000 employees in companies in South Korea. Behind SK are Singapore and Japan, with 398 and 205 respectively. In Europe, Germany (with 301 robots) and Sweden (212) stand in the top places. The US stands close, at 176.

According to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the market for autonomous cars will grow exponentially in 2035 (over 25% of the global car market that year), and the same will occur, consequently, with the data these cars process (4,000 GB/day, as estimated by Intel). Ultimately, more and more companies are integrating robots and artificial intelligence in their systems and processes.

From an occupational perspective, the European Commission has alerted of the need to have professionals with basic digital qualifications, or else, they estimate that by 2020 there will be 825.000 vacant jobs throughout several production industries.
The legal field is also evolving. Recent research has shown that an AI system has predicted, with 79% accuracy, the outcome of sentences imposed by the European Court of Human Rights on 2016, using and algorithm developed by the Universities of Sheffield and Pennsylvania. On a similar note: the “techindex” by CodeX (Stanford University) has catalogued over 700 LegalTech companies that have, or are in the process of drastically modifying the way in which they offer their legal services.

Furthermore, the European Parliament has requested the Commission considers certain aspects, among them, granting some type of legal responsibility to a specific kind of intelligent and autonomous robots, with regards to liability proceedings in the case of harms caused.

The law cannot remain on the sidelines before a reality that is already fact. Thus, a national, profound and multidisciplinary debate must take place, to advance on, and dialogue about the new legal lines of action, that must go hand by hand with those areas that are so intimately linked, such as medicine, engineering, science, business, etc.

With the intention of answering such questions, Fide set Robotiuris in motion on November of 2016. Given the success of its first edition (legal event of the year) we now call the second edition, which will take place on November the 16th, 2017.

We invite you to participate in the new call for Robotiuris 2017. A unique gathering, in Spain, of professionals, scientists, disseminators of the highest levels and every area of the law, business, and modern technologies, in which we will debate about the new advances, problems, practical solutions to the controversies that arise with robotics, and AI in the present.

The provisional program of topics to be discussed is the following:
  • How do machines learn? Understanding AI and the different technologies that compose it. (deep learning, cognitive computing, machine learning, neural networks, etc.) 
  • The bias behind algorithms and big data. How does it affect our practice?
  • Health and technology. The challenges of cyborgs, bionic prosthetics, exoskeletons and nanobots.
  • Intelligent machines as creators and authors of artistic work protected by intellectual property laws.
  • Civil and penal law in the era of virtual reality and cyberreality.
  • The role of education in the digital society.
  • Ethics and responsibility in the design of AI robots.
  • The autonomy of robots. Practical cases.
  • Legal problems of connected toys and personal home assistants.
  • The impact of robots and AI in the labor market. How does it affect lawyers?
For more information about the confirmed panelists please contact Carmen Hermida ( | 914359239). 

We’ll be waiting!


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