Testimonies on the CEDR Mediator Skills Training Course: Module 1.

Some of the participants share their thoughts on the first module of the CEDR Mediator Skills Training Course that's taking place at Fide

In virtue of the CEDR Mediator Skills Training Course that's taking place at Fide, we publish the participant's testimonies on the First Module. 

Content MODULE 1: Developing skills for Commercial Mediation. 
Date: 31 Jan- 2 Feb, 2018 

Day 1. January 31st, 2018. 
  • Will look at the practical application of processes and skills of a mediator in the opening and exploration phases of the mediation. 
  • The sessions will cover the phases of mediation, preparation, the mediator´s opening, what and how to explore, active listening skills and trust and relationship developing or rapport. 
Day 2. February 1st, 2018. 
  • Participants will carry on with the practice of key skills and processes of an efficient mediator, focusing on the initial negotiation phases of the mediation. 
  • The sessions will cover: non-verbal communication, managing emotions, offer management, negotiation skills for mediators, and managing status and power imbalance in negotiations. 
Day 3: February 2nd, 2018 
  • The final stage of negotiation and conclusion phase will be analyzed in detail, and all the participants will have the opportunity to do evening mediation with coaching and feedback from the mediators. 
  • The sessions will cover: managing a deadlock situation, challenging the parties, reality checks and ethics in mediation. 

Cristina Jiménez Savurido, President of Fide

Completing the first module of the Mediator skills programme by CEDR and Fide, throughout the first three days of February, has been a truly interesting experience from both, a personal and professional perspective.

The methodology used, and the depth and rigour of the subjects that were reviewed have allowed us to enter a world, far more complex and rich than it initially seemed.

During the first three days we have gone over the procedural matters of commercial mediation, and the techniques and abilities required by a mediator in this field. All done through rigorous debates and practical cases.

Above all, I’d like to highlight the profound knowledge the panellists/trainers (in this case all female trainers) have of the most recent psychological and behavioural studies. How they implement said knowledge in the development of the practical cases with regards to procedure, organisation, approach or resolution of the proposed conflicts, and how, by examining these studies and analysis, and learning from the CEDR trainers’ experience, one can learn to better select those cases which can benefit from mediation, to prepare the process in an efficient and successful way, and how in every case, although mediation might not succeed in reaching an agreement, it can definitely add value to the parties involved.

Now we stand in the intermediate period between both modules, and we ought to study in depth the cases assigned to us by the trainers and prepare our interventions and personal reviews, which is without a doubt, rather demanding.

We’re still to undergo the second module, for which we have prepared some great materials, but above all, we are all very eager to ready our roles in each of the cases assigned to us. For, besides the valuable teachings received during the first module, we, the students, have created an environment which motivates everyone to move forward, study and work hard in order to obtain the CEDR accreditation

María José Lanchares Perlado, Lanchares Abogados Slp

Testimonies on the CEDR Mediator Skills Training Course: Module 1.
Fide has offered me the chance to participate in the CEDR mediation course in Madrid. I've enjoyed the first module, not only because of the wide range of content, but also for the group of professionals that have taken part in it. I found to methodology to be outstanding. I'd highlight the trainer's brilliant career path, their personal strength, technical knowledge, and their hands-on experience with mediation; communication skills; excelent rithm; impecable organisation; pragmatic and well systematised content; cases redacted out of real life situations and a knowledge sharing system based on practical learning, right after the rationalisation and reflection process where they teach the theory and tools to use.
In spite of the beating that we voluntarily put ourselves up to, I'm eager to begin the second module, and....I'm not masochistic!

Thanks FIDE!"

Carmen Martínez Martínez-Burbana, Lawyer

Testimonies on the CEDR Mediator Skills Training Course: Module 1.
I have to say that my feedback is extremely positive as I find that the way the trainers have managed time is perfect; their background and profesional knowledge/experience is remarkable and we have had the opportunity to feed from them during the role play sessions and exercises. I particularly appreciated the pragmatic approach and the fact that they have stuck to the provision of additional and useful information and practical tips instead of going through the handbook, and revisiting information contained in it.
I think there has been a great connection between trainers and attendants , which has given a powerful dinamic to the sessions, allowing us to really engage ourselves, profiting much more from their knowledge and experience

Manuel Diaz Baños, Lawyer at Cuatrecasas

Testimonies on the CEDR Mediator Skills Training Course: Module 1.
The first module of the has been intense and exciting. With an interactive methodology, the 1st module has developed throughout three days of continous and demanding learning, in a  professional, yet relaxed environment. I am delighted to share such an experience with 1st tier trainers and professionals.