The Foundation for Research in Law and Business, a reflexive network amongst professionals of the business and legal world

Fide is a collective project launched by the civil society to stand as a shared and reflexive network amongst professionals of the business and legal world.

The Foundation for Research on Law and Business (FIDE) is a collective project born within civil society with a clearly defined vocation: to be a meeting place for companies, public administration and independent professionals. FIDE’s solution is to promote communication, research, and information among different economic, political, and social agents worldwide.
Fide is an organization that aims to stretch out the intellectual barriers of society. It doesn't have any limitations,  instead, it's empowered by dialogue, and the only hierarchy in place is one that values the quality of an argument.

Fide’s activities embody a legal-economic think-tank whose aim is to tackle the most relevant issues in the fields of business, law, science and society, and create collective multidisciplinary solutions.
Among the issues discussed through Fide are: existing laws, legal interpretation, legal application, legal drafting, amendments, revisions, business issues, and the economy. Fide serves as the common ground where these issues can be discussed, so that coherent, strong, and practical solutions are formulated and examined through calm reflection and analysis. The wide repertoire of activities, forums, seminars, and conferences that we offer to our collaborators and associates serves as the biggest indicator of our initiative and success. Each activity has been possible thanks to the active participation of civil society, ranging from the top management of corporations to partners from law firms, from university experts to judges from the courts of justice, from public administration leaders to lawyers and economists; all of which, are sought and appreciated by Fide.

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Fide´s workgroups

One of Fide’s main objectives is to create ideas for the future, and to generate solutions for current challenges.

We have created a series of workgroups whose end goal is to reflect, in a continuous and profound manner, upon subjects that we have considered, whether because of their urgency, need for reform or room for improvement, to be worthy of such reflection by the group of professionals that make up Fide.

Some have already published their first impressions, have made specific legislative proposals, or have concluded an initial analysis of the situation. Others will do so throughout the year. It is clear beyond a doubt that each one of these groups offers a unique perspective into these subjects. The composition of these groups, made up by professionals with ample experience and deep knowledge in their areas, allows the groups to tackle those subject that have been selected for evaluation. In some occasions, it can be reflected in conclusions that are widely accepted, or in specific legislative proposals, and in other instances, it is the debate itself that reveals the complexity of the subjects, and the distance that lays between the positions taken by the members of the group, leaving the value of the work done to be collected in the summaries of the sessions. In any case, any professional involved in the development, evolution, application or improvement of regulations, especially economic regulation must be aware of these workgroups and contribute to their development, overall knowledge and diffusion. 
That is why we invite you to join any of the following groups, and to make any suggestions you may consider to be of interest.

•    WG on a new consensual legal ordinance regarding work and work relations: it has analyzed these subject through the months of September to December of 2015. You may consult the conclusions reached on this link : This WG is currently active.
All documentation about this WG is available at our Library.
•    WG Collaborative Connection: Opportunities in a continuous present: This group, composed by jurists and economists, who carry out their professional activities in both, traditional companies and newly emerged ones, law firms, academies and public administration, has met throughout the academic year 2015-2016 in order to move forward with a proposal that contributes to the definition of a set of principles upon which to act that will serve as a basis to a regulatory system that will act as an instrument that promotes and strengthens competitiveness. 
All documentation about this WG is available at our Library.

•    WG Penal Justice Reform: The goal is to identify the more important problems with Spanish penal justice and workable solutions, working on those that manage to generate consensus between the participants.

You may access the Group's conclusions on this link.

•    WG The elaboration process of tax legislation: current situation and its necessary evolution: Fide has created this workgroup with the objective to debate the formulas by which the elaboration process of legislation must be governed, in particular, in an area of much needed constant adaptation as is the case with tax law. To achieve such an objective, it would mean to rethink the entire process of elaborating legislation, both, from a temporal point of view, looking to anticipate, as well as from the perspective of the actions carried out by the social agents that will eventually be affected by such laws: tax payers, the administration, justice system, etc. without forgetting the political representatives on whom, ultimately, falls upon the responsibility of pushing such agendas at Parliament. The analysis carried out by this workgroup centers on the competences of the State, without prejudice that the conclusions reached might be implemented, with nuances, locally or in the autonomous community. Throughout 2016 and to the date of the presentation of their conclusions, the group has held periodic meetings to analyze the improvement of tax legislation. You may download the conclusions reached here.

•    WG Regulatory Law: Given its relative novelty, Regulatory Law is a law that has not yet been properly defined and systemized. Studies on this topic are generally sectorial. That is why Fide has proposed four sessions, with the possibility of a fifth, to discuss the basic and constitutive aspects of Regulatory Law, with the participation of practicing lawyers that are in need and gracefully welcome such systematic discussions in which they can find the extent and sense of their knowledge, generally linked to a legislation that is greatly sectorialized and in constant mutation. With this goal, Fide has gathered lawyers, representatives of the Administration, and regulatory agencies so that they may share their knowledge and reflections with this workgroup. 

•    WG Constitutional Reform: Close to its 40th anniversary, the 1978 Constitution must be adapted and reformed. Also, with the appearance of new political actors, we have to consider the generalized perception of an institutional crisis and regenerative necessity. Last but not least, the ongoing territorial crisis that specially affects Catalonia adds to the list yet another reason why our Constitution needs to be reviewed. Therefore, it’s imperative that the civil society actively collaborates in the debate and proposals of Constitutional Reform and Fide has become the idea platform for it. 

•    WG Data Protection Regulation: The General Regulation of Data Protection (RGPD-Spanish acronym) recently approved by the Council and European Parliament will be applied on the 25th of May of 2018. To ensure this regulation is adequately implemented in Spain, the General Codification Commission of the Ministry of Justice has initiated the processes of analysis and deliberation to evaluate the need to create a new Organic Data Protection Law. Considering the importance that both, the Regulation and the General Codification Commission have for the legal community, Fide has a workgroup dedicated to formulating new proposals relative to the implementation of the new Regulation. 

•    WG The Spanish pension fund sustainability: Whether the pension fund is sustainable or not is among the most important subjects of this legislation. From Fide, we consider it convenient to design a workgroup to reflect upon the matter to try and agree on a proposal about the minimum requirements to uphold the current pension system. To that end we have gathered economists, lawyers, attorneys and demographers from the Public Administration, law firms and the academy.

•    WG A youth with an opinion: This group has gathered regularly throughout several months to analyze the implications of the digital transformation on a range of areas of our society, and, more specifically, its relationship with the sharing economy, disruptive technologies such as blockchain, with the public sector and entrepreneurship in the digital era. In this context, the work group has reflected upon the role of the Law in a society and economy that undergo considerable disruptive changes, and the role of jurists (lawyers, state workers, judges, etc.).
See the work of this group at the Library. ​

•    WG the Future of Employment: This group will analyse what the ILO considers to be the pillars of reflection on the future of employment: Employment and Society, decent jobs for everyone, organization of work and production, new productive models, supply chain, sharing economy, social justice and labor governance. 

•    WG Reviewing Spain’s public expenditure model: One of the matters that the group will analyse is to guarantee that public spending follows the principles of efficiency and effectiveness stated in Art. 31.2 of the Spanish Constitution. This WG will work towards creating propositionsthat regarding a budget that’s oriented towards results, unanimous recommendation from all the multilateral organisms, and in particular, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). 

•    WG Banckrupcy Law: Sessions are being celebrated to cover different topics on banckrupcy law, with the goal of starting an open colloquium between professionals from different institutions that have links to the subject. 

•   WG Timesharing: Shared time is a vacation and travel product, while the Spanish law regulates it as it does real state, with a clear registry approach, when the truth is neither the promotors nor the clients feel confortable with this. Clients demand products that are flexible, exchangeable, with a floating character, that vary in duration -often the duration is undefined-, but Spanish law doesn’t allow for such flexibility.
  •   WG Impairment: The growing social compromise that companies/firms have towards disabilities, in order to carry out ways to introduce impaired workers into their lines, makes them want to develop a legal framework that aids in starting off these social politics, a mayor worry of today’s companies and firms. Throughout the sessions of this WG advances will be made in favor of developing a legal frame for disabilities. The conclusions will be collected in a book that will serve as a guide/manual of said legal frame with regards to disability in Spain. 

•    WG New Trademark Law: This WG will analyze the changes that the new Trademark Act 17/2001 introduced with regards to proceedings on expiration and invalidity, which will be carried out by the OEPM (previously fell under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts). 

•    WG Corporate Law: This WG’s goal is to analyze in depth the Spanish corporate legislation to try and identify any problems that might arise from interpretation, which still occur to this day, study those which have been resolved, and try to propose possible modifications that will improve the applicable legislative measures. 

•    WG Surrogacy: Fide and th Garrigues Foundation have gathered a group of professionals of varying backgrounds: jurists, doctors, professors, etc, with the intention of elaborating an informed and consensual proposal for the regulation of surrogacy in our country.

You can visit our Gallery of Photos of the sessions, congresses, conferences held in Fide during the last years. 

If you wish to attend an activity in Fide, ask about Fide´s workgroups, hold an event in Fide or anything else, please contact us.


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