WG Disability

Towards a regulation of disability: The growing social commitment of companies, offices and different organizations with disabilities, to be able to carry out social inclusion measures for people with disabilities in the development of their activity, generates in them the desire to contribute to a more adequate regulatory framework as well as to the effective exercise of their rights. The objective of the WG will be to advance the regulatory framework for disability and assess the appropriate measures to promote compliance.

The group sessions are focused on working on access to employment for people with disabilities. A Decalogue of good practices for the inclusion of people with disabilities in professional offices will be prepared.


Subjects addressed in this WG:

  • Legal Framework for Persons with Disabilities and legislative advances in the rights of persons with disabilities made in the 2016/2017 period
  • Employment of people with disabilities, Employment Space Centers and the impact of bonuses
  • The Bequal seal: certification that distinguishes companies as socially responsible with disability
  • Initiatives of professional offices for the inclusion of people with disabilities