WG Neuroscience and Law

Fide and the Garrigues Foundation have convened in this workgroup a set of professionals from both the legal and healthcare sectors to advance in the study of this subject from a dual perspective, and establish a Neuroscience and Law Committee, composed of upstanding scientists and jurists, that will favour mutual knowledge of the respective areas of interest, and contribute to improve scientific-legal knowledge of jurists, and legal training of scientists. All of this in the frame of an institutionalised structure, in permanent connexion with the more representative legal and scientific authorities.  

Subjects to be addressed in this WG:

  • Scientific and human perspective of the brain: Can we build a virtual model of the brain? Observations on neuroscience: free will and criminal responsibility.
  • Neurocomputación: Computational models of the brain.
  • Neurorobotics: Neural interfaces.
  • The ABC of neurosciences and artificial intelligence.