WG Pension System

Sustainability of the pension system in Spain: The sustainability of the pension system in Spain is one of the major themes of this term.

From Fide we consider it convenient to design a Working Group in which to reflect on the matter to try to agree on a minimum proposal on how to sustain the pension system. For this we have in their work meetings with economists, lawyers and prosecutors, from the public administration, professional offices and the academy.

It has been decided to postpone the preparation of a document of conclusions until a greater consensus is reached.

Subjects addressed during the sessions of the WG:

  • Sustainability of the pension system in Spain: impact of the reforms of 2011 and 2013
  • The economy of pension systems
  • Other means of financing the pension system
  • Reforms through expenditure and micro-reforms of the pension system
  • Pensions in favor of relatives, gender equality and birth policies
  • Adequacy, European perspectives and new issues to be addressed in a process of pension reform in Spain
  • The demographics of the 21st century and its influence on the Spanish pension system