WG Regulatory Law

Due to its own novelty, Regulatory Law is a Law that is not yet well defined and systematized. The studies in this matter are generally sectorial. That is why we have held five sessions in which we have reflected on the basic and constitutive aspects of Regulatory Law with the participation of practical jurists who miss and appreciate the reflection with systematic concern in which they can find their measure and meaning to their direct knowledge, generally linked to highly segmented and constantly changing legislation.

With this objective, Fide has held working sessions with lawyers, representatives of the Administration and regulatory agencies to contribute their knowledge and reflection in this Working Group. A document of Conclusions prepared by the Group will be published shortly.


Subjects addressed in this WG:

  • Characterization and limits of Regulatory Law.
  • Agencies and regulatory powers.
  • Formulas and instruments of regulation.
  • Judicial review and alternative formulas for dispute resolution.
  • Reality and perspectives of Regulatory Law in the EU