WG Youth's Opinion (2016-17)

This WG was created with the aim of analyzing the implications of digital transformation in various areas of our society and, in particular, its relations with the collaborative economy, with disruptive technologies such as the blockchain, with the public sector and entrepreneurship in the digital era. In this context, the Working Group has reflected on the role of Law in a society and an economy subject to strong disruptive changes and on the role of lawyers (lawyers, public officials, judges, etc.).

During the 2016-2017 academic year, the group drew conclusions on the following subjects: Collaborative economy, Blockchain, the public sector and digital transformation and on the role of law in a changing environment.

This WG continues to work periodically. 

Topics addressed in this WG:

  • The future of work
  • Consumers and users: abusive clauses 3.0
  • Fake News
  • The power of data and algorithms in the digital age