WG public-private collaboration framework

GT The adaptation of the public-private collaboration framework in Spain to SDG 17: The 2030 Agenda promoted by UN Global Compact has agreed on seventeen objectives, in addition, it does so by appealing "to governments to ally with companies for the application of the SDGs" (ODS 17). Therefore, the SDG strategy proposes to face the great challenges of humanity by overcoming the ideological gap between those who defend more or less public spending and breaking the paradigm of a separate allocation of functions between the public sector and the private sector. This proposal poses great challenges, the main one of which is to reduce the distrust between public and private institutions, as well as the distrust generated in society by the concentration of power that it would produce.

The objective of this group will be to conclude and if necessary recommend the necessary modifications to facilitate the fulfillment of goal 17.17: "Promote and promote the establishment of effective partnerships in the public, public-private and civil society spheres, taking advantage of the experience and the strategies for obtaining resources from alliances ".