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A look at the European equity trading today under MIFID II/MIFIR
Información básica
el Martes, 16 de Octubre 2018, 14:00 - 16:30
C/ Serrano 26, 4ºderecha, 28001, Madrid
Fide holds this session. To attend, it is essential to request assistance to Victoria Dal Lago:( Please ask for registration conditions.

Panelists: Esther Mayr, Managing Director and Chris Halas, CFA, Senior Director, FTI

Moderator: Ignacio Santillán, CEO of Gestora del Fondo General de Garantía de Inversiones (Spanish Investor Compensation Scheme for Investment Firms)


MIFID II/MIFIR is design to get a better regulatory environment for European Securities Markets. Particularly, it is devoted to achieve more transparency both in debt and equities markets. In addition to it, the best execution principle might influence significantly the equity trading panorama among the current European infrastructures and in respect of equity trading practices in European markets, including the Spanish market.

These novelties might also affect and determine the development of specific market operators’ business models too.

With a consolidated experience in trading and markets, the panelists will try to bring us a look at how equity trading is taking place in Europe and how new transparency rules and best execution principle are affecting them, and market operators.

Schedule: The session will be held between 14:00 and 16:30 hours, reserving the first half-hour for an informal snack.

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